Suvi hannus

Work Psychologist & Coach & Yoga Teacher

Helping People and Businesses in Finding Purpose and Success

Coaching & Counseling

I can help you to find the answers within you, live aligned with your values and reach your goals. Are you ready to start a life changing journey? 

People Services & Consulting

With a solid HR background I can inspire, support and coach HR professionals, leaders, teams and individuals towards sustainable business success. 

Yoga & Wellbeing

I am happy to help you in balancing the mind and the body, finding strength and  stability and be present and relaxed in the moment.

About Me

I am a passionate and warm hearted work psychologist, coach, people professional and yoga teacher with over a decade of diverse and solid background in various HR positions both in Finnish and international business environments. I have had the privilege to work with some thousands of individual employees and some hundreds of leaders during my career and I have learned a lot. Now, as an entrepreneur, I am excited to use and combine in a unique way everything I have learned both at work and in life, support and continue this lifelong growing and developing journey with you – my dear future client. No matter if it’s a question about you as an individual or your organisation, I am excited to find the best ways to help you or your business to succeed. Let’s do it together!


“I have had the pleasure to work with Suvi both as a colleague and in a B-to-B relationship. Suvi is empathic, warm hearted and loyal, but also organised, determined and target oriented. She does not take things from their face value, she aims for a broader and deeper understanding. I appreciate her professionalism and especially her high ethical standards.
Marjatta Räty 
Leading Psychologist
Consultation & Coaching Services, Finland

When I got to know Suvi, I felt directly connected to her and by coaching me, she gave me direct benefits to gain clarity around huge decisions and life lasting insights with some clear steps to work through. The methodology she applies to coach people is very efficient and hands on. Suvi’s warm hearted, open, empathetic and kind character combined with her professional highly effective approach delivers not only great results to achieve awareness and to implement change, but it is as well an absolute pleasure to work with her. I can highly recommend Suvi!”
Sandra, UK

I attended Suvi’s aerial yoga course. It was amazing and I am happy to recommend her yoga classes to everyone. As a yoga teacher Suvi is professional, dedicated and encouraging as well as sharing her inner light to others.”
Hanna, Finland