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With Suvi

With over a decade of solid HR experience helping you and your business

Learning & Development

Helping employees to take care of their skills and competencies is a must in today’s rapidly changing world. Not only it is necessary to master the substance but also there is a need for so called meta skills. With a solid experience in HRD and passion to help people in growing and developing I am happy to help with e.g. trainings, team building and workshops as well as management audits. 

Work Wellbeing

COVID-19 times require a different kind of resilience from the employees. Taking care of the wellbeing of the people both at the office and at home is a sign of a responsible employer. As a qualified occupational psychologist I am happy to help with decreasing the absenteeism rate and increasing the engagement and satisfactions rate. 


An impressive positive changes can be achieved with coaching. For executives to managers and specialists it is a great methodology to improve both performance and engagement. It is a great way to both support and recognise the employees. As a certified coach and psychologist specialised in work and organisations I am excited to work with your people.

Can I help your organisation or people to thrive with some of the above examples? Or is there something else in your mind?



“I have had the pleasure to work with Suvi both as a colleague and in a B-to-B relationship. Suvi is empathic, warm hearted and loyal, but also organised, determined and target oriented. She does not take things from their face value, she aims for a broader and deeper understanding. I appreciate her professionalism and especially her high ethical standards.”

Marjatta Räty
Leading Psychologist
Consultation and Coaching Services

“I know Suvi as a competent and versatile HR professional. When working in Marioff’s HR team se demonstrated high level of professionalism, ethical behavior and solution oriented thinking. To the HR team, Suvi brought customer focus, energy and sun shine. As her manager during Marioff times, I could not be more happy with a team member like Suvi. I truly miss our good conversations and the spirit of making things happen together. I wish her all the best for future endeavors and looking forward to our future projects together.”

Seppo Nevalainen
HR Director
Marioff Corporation Oy