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Value-based (work) life

Value-based (work) life

I recall well situations when I have been asked early in my career in a job interview what my values are. Wow, I got stuck and two things that came to my mind were honesty and justice (…maybe the same for most of the Finnish people with the first one and with the...

The power of empathy at work (and life)

The power of empathy at work (and life) <3

It’s been a while I have been writing something but now I really want to recommend a new book about the power of empathy at work: “Empatian voima työssä”. Wow, I listened to it a couple of days in a row and found it so insightful! What is so fascinating is that even...

A new exciting project – Relocations Psychologists

A new exciting project – Relocations Psychologists

Early this year my colleague Niina got a brilliant idea and called me and said: ”People get different kind of support from the companies when relocating – moving, schools, language etc. But what about psychological support? Is there any support for this?” Back then...

Recommended Resources


  • Empatian voima työssä – Miia Paakkanen (2022)
  • The Source – Tara Swart (2019)
  • Dare to Lead – Brené Brown (2018)
  • Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman (2013)
  • Mindfulness – Mark Williams & Danny Penman (2011)


  • The Power of Vulnerability – Brené Brown (2010)

Online Courses

  • The Science of Well-Being – Laurie Santos (2018)