Suvi Hannus

Work Psychologist & Coach & Yoga Teacher

Happy to meet you!

Hi, I am Suvi! I am a warm hearted work psychologist, coach, people professional and yoga teacher with over a decade of experience in various HR positions. Let's find out how I can help you!

My Story

I am a passionate and warm hearted work psychologist, coach, people professional and yoga teacher with over a decade of diverse and solid background in various HR positions both in Finnish and international business environments. I have had the privilege to work with some thousands of individual employees and some hundreds of leaders during my career and I have learned a lot. 

On top of my career I have had many crossroads in my life and I have been through some crises – as many of you. In my career, in my relationship and with myself. I would call it a life experience and it helped me to understand that everything is not that black and white. Not in the personal nor in the work life and in the end of the day we are the same person. But what I have learn and I am truly happy about is that each and every challenge in my life has lead to a positive change and they all been an important parts of that journey to make me who I am today. 

Now, as an entrepreneur, I am exited to use and combine in a unique way everything I have learned, support and continue this lifelong growing and developing journey with you – my dear future client. No matter if it’s a question about you as an individual or your organisation, I am excited to find the best ways to help you or your business to succeed. 

I hope to talk with you soon!

All the best,

My Values & Beliefs

Caring & Supporting

For me, caring about other people and reaching out with my helping hand comes naturally. We are here for each other. To support and be supported is essential for a good life. 

Trust & Authenticity

Without trust there is nothing. Authenticity and trust require a lot of courage. It is easy to hide behind a facade or a role but for me, working through my true personality, aligned with my values and from my heart is the key.    

Quality & Balance of Life

Sometimes we are too busy to notice what is most important to us in the life. For me, it is freedom. For you, it is probably something else but when you find out, you will know exactly what it is. I also believe in balance different areas of life as well as between the mind and the body. It is necessary to take care of balance in order to live a fulfilling and happy life.

Growing & Learning

I believe in lifelong learning and continuous development. We are not hardwired and there is always the beautiful possibility to learn anew, and not only when it comes to acquiring new skills but also in terms of reforming your attitudes and beliefs. To grow and develop as a professional as well as a person is a lifelong and rewarding journey. 

My Approach

As a work psychologist I have an eternal and strong trust in individuals and the power of mind. As a coach I believe in your ability to get insights, find answers and reach your goals as well as make some great positive changes in your life. As a people professional I have seen how organisations succeed when people thrive. As a yoga teacher I help you to find a balance between your body and mind. All of these approaches can be combined in a beautiful and powerful way. Let’s find out what will be the best possible way for your needs.


  • Licentiate of Arts, Work & Organizational Psychology
    University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Brain-Based Coach
    NeuroLeadership Institute, Finland
  • RYT200 Yoga Teacher
    Yoga Nordic, Finland
  • Master of Arts, Psychology
    University of Turku, Finland