Coaching and Counseling

With Suvi

You have all the answers, I will help to find them


Are you having new possibilities or opportunities in your life? Do you feel like finding the purpose or a need living more strongly aligned with your values? To set and reach your goals is where I can help you. 


Do you need someone to talk with about your relationships (family members, friends, colleagues)? Sometimes it is easier to talk with someone out of of your normal social circle. This is where I can help you.


How are you? Do you want to find a more balanced way of living? I can help you to find answers, make some positive changes and also support you in stressful life situations.


Are you having challenges in your current position or thinking about taking your next career step? Or do you want to find the best way to thrive in your current role? You might find it useful to talk with me. 

Does one of the examples above resonate with you? Or maybe something else in your mind?


“My coaching sessions with Suvi have given me insights and concrete steps to take with regards to my business. Suvi’s presence, professionalism, compassion and analytical capability makes me feel secure and brave to explore new ways of thinking. And in addition, working with Suvi, always include a lot of laughs and that is a huge bonus! I warmly recommend Suvi as a coach.”

Amanda, Finland

“When I got to know Suvi, I felt directly connected to her and by coaching me, she gave me direct benefits to gain clarity around huge decisions and life lasting insights with some clear steps to work through. The methodology she applies to coach people is very efficient and hands on. Suvi’s warm hearted, open, empathetic and kind character combined with her professional highly effective approach delivers not only great results to achieve awareness and to implement change, but it is as well an absolute pleasure to work with her. I can highly recommend Suvi!”

Sandra, UK

I decided to work with Suvi to gain clarity over my business plan. Together we went through a constructive thinking process and as an outcome, I now have a clear vision of where I want to be in a year from now. We also worked together on tactical steps on how to get there. During Suvi’s coaching, I gained back my self-confidence, energy, and positive thinking. Suvi was very professional in her approach and with the right questions, could help guide my thinking. Not only Suvi offers value for money, but she is a wonderful person to work with. I can warmly recommend her services to others.

Anna, Netherlands

Clearing Your Mind -Session

    • An acute topic or challenge to get more clarity
    • One-time online meeting
    • 1 x 60 minutes

1 Session

Finding a Way Forward -Package

    • A topic or challenge of your choice where you want to find a way forward
    • A pre-session worksheet to fill
    • Three times online meeting
    • 3 x 60 minutes
    • 1-2 months

3 Sessions

Making a Positive Change in Your Life -Package

    • Typically two goals of your choice where you want to make a positive change in your life
    • Eight times online coaching process including working on values in the beginning of the process
    • A pre-session worksheet to fill
    • 2 x 60 minutes for values and 6 x 60 minutes for goals
    • 3-6 months

8 Sessions