Yoga & Wellbeing

With Suvi

Balancing the mind and the body

Yin Yoga

Find strength, stamina and deep relaxation in the same practice. In this functional yoga style poses are hold up to 3 minutes. You will not get sweaty. After practice you will feel grounded and balanced. Some other benefits are strengthening your joints and ligaments, using your breathing to be present in the moment and releasing stress.

Aerial Yoga

Ready to try something new, challenge, laugh and relax? It’s all possible in the same practice! We will use a hammock to lift you up and support you in different poses. You can surprise yourself being able to do different kind of inversions – even a handstand already in your first class if you want!  The benefits of this practice are various including decompression of your spine, feeling weightless and building your strength. You might get a bit sweaty and you will have a lot of fun.

Yang Yoga

In this more dynamic Hatha yoga based practice you will challenge in a nice way your strength, balance and breathing. The poses are hold for a shorter time and you will get warm, even a bit sweaty. Some of the benefits of this practice are enhanced lung capacity, stronger core muscles and better stamina. The class will always have also a relaxation in the end. 

Want to try one of the classes? Or perhaps interested in Yin & Yang -combination? 


I am arranging in collaboration with other professionals wellbeing days and retreats all over the world. All wellbeing days and retreats will be planned to give the best possible and unique experienced for you – our dear future client – but they will have a common theme where we always combine and share the amazing world of self development, psychology and yoga.

As soon as there is something to tell about wellbeing days and retreats, you will find the information here. 



“I am always happy to attend Suvi’s yoga classes. The general atmosphere is peaceful and welcoming. As a yoga teacher Suvi is empathetic, encouraging and clear. I warmly recommend to join Suvi’s classes.”

Miia, Finland

“Suvi is a gentle and calm instructor with great ability to listen to her students. I have always left home from her yoga lessons feeling empowerd and relaxed.”

Katja, Finland

“I attended Suvi’s aerial yoga course. It was amazing and I am happy to recommend her yoga classes to everyone. As a yoga teacher Suvi is professional, dedicated and encouraging as well as sharing her inner light to others.”

Hanna, Finland

Yoga One Timer -Session

  • Both individual and company clients
  • Online class
  • 1 * 60 minutes


Yoga Getting Started -Package

  • Both individual and company clients
  • Online class
  • 4 * 60 minutes

4 times

Yoga as a Practice -Package

  • Both individual and company clients
  • Online class
  • 10 * 60 minutes

10 times