Today was a good day. I got the best feedback I can get as an entrepreneur. In this case as a yoga teacher. My company client wants to continue our yoga classes after our five classes until summer. Yeah! Coincidently I also got a similar message from another company client I have been teaching yoga since November. Another yeah! 

These companies want to support their people’s wellbeing in COVID times to find more mental and physical balance and also get help to the downsides of remote work. I am more than happy to help them.

At the moment I teach lunch yoga – getting a well-deserved break in the day, feeling more energized but at the same time grounded to continue your day. It is important to have breaks and working from home makes me sometimes to forget it. I also teach afternoon yoga – helping the transfer from work to free time. Now this is also more difficult because of home offices and this can be one way to support your people to make it a little bit easier. 

Would your company be interested in to support the people in these different times? I still have some slots both for lunch and afternoon yoga. Or if you have something else in your mind, let me know – we can tailor a class for your people’s need. I’m teaching both in Finnish and in English.

Namaste and stay well,