When I did my yoga teacher studies back in 2016-2017 I did it for myself. Back then it was just a dream it would be one of my professions. Now it is something I love to do and share the experience and all I know with the people coming to my classes.

How I combine it with what I’ve done earlier in HR and with my passion of helping people with their (work) wellbeing is that nowadays I mainly teach for organizations. And to be honest I would not be here without some organizations that wanted to support their people’s wellbeing and trusted me to help them with it. So I want to say a warm thank you KKT-keskus Arvo and Tekniikan akateemiset TEK for our yoga journey together.

What I have understood after this 1,5-2 years is that practicing and teaching yoga also works online – many people actually like to practice from home. I know it is not for all but in these times of hybrid or remote work it is one way to support wellbeing. What has been a positive surprise is that based on the feedback also 45 minutes class is working for disconnecting from work and connecting with your body, mind and breathing. “Putting the engines down” as one of the participants told me. And if someone has 15 minutes it’s okay. When online, it is not disturbing anything and recordings are always available.

What I also found out after these 120+ yoga classes is “my style”. The world is full of great and even super amazing and talented yoga teachers and it is easy to start to compare myself to them. However, now I feel comfortable teaching my way, combining all I have learned from different fields for the best of the client. So nothing fancy or too complicated. Something that is suitable for all levels and does not need previous experience. I think that is also crucial when it is a question about work wellbeing. Everyone is and should feel warmly welcome to the mat.

Best wishes,