There are many reasons why coaching can be useful for us as professionals. Let me give you an example from my own life as a new entrepreneur. I thought that from the beginning of the year I would feel excited and ready to roll my sleeves and having a clear plan what I am going to do next. No way. I was struggling. With unclarity, with too many options to choose from and not feeling that energized and driven I would hope to and also, to be honest, feeling insecure.

Fortunately I do have a vision and a big picture for 2021 as a first full year as an entrepreneur but I was stuck with thinking what to do to get there now in January when it is THE TIME to do EVERYTHING. What I did after struggling some time, I sent a message to my own coach. That was a good idea. During our session I got a huge insight. There will be January also next year! Actually, what I needed to do was to get back to my big picture again and remind myself why I am an entrepreneur. From there I got another insight. It is totally fine to take baby step towards my meaningful goals one at a time, not to do EVERYTHING and NOW. Poco a poco as they say here in Spain.

I definitely know from my own experience that coaching really helps and gives clarity. It has been my support on my way starting my business. But it is super useful for so many other areas too both in professional and personal life. If you have feelings or thoughts I described earlier, maybe you could find coaching useful too. Many positive changes and feeling of clarity are there waiting for you but sometimes you might need a little bit of help from someone else to find them.

I hope the 2021 will be happy to all of you and you will go to that direction, make those positive changes and reach those goals that are meaningful for you my dear reader!

All the best,